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EKW Group are BFA Affiliated franchise accountants offering a comprehensive range of franchise accounting, payroll and franchise support solutions nationwide.  Established internationally in 1935 the EKW Group are specialist franchise accountants helping independent franchisees and entire franchised networks to flourish.

As BFA affiliated franchise accountants, we bring together a unique blend of traditional accountancy expertise and professional business advice.

Franchising has become increasingly popular in Britain with an annual turnover of around £13.7 billion, up to 2.4% on last years figure.  The business community now takes franchising very seriously and it is accepted across a range of sectors.  The advantages of owning your own business are obvious but so too are the risks.  The franchisee is taking less of a risk than starting his or her own business.  fewer than one in ten franchises fail.  This is because they are operating under an established and proven business model and supplying or producing a tested brand name.

To find out more about franchising including the advantages and disadvantages, the costs, choosing a franchise and  how we can help, please follow the link more about franchising